How many whispers cover your words
On a scavenger hunt, she searches for clues
Inside the seventh box buried
At the bottom of the sea
Slay the dragon and you will find me

How many veils cover old wounds
She pushes aside each one
Hoping to find relief
Lacerated and buried eons ago
Still so capable of delivering pain

How many lies to find the truth
She ventures deeper into the maze
Each wall looks to be the same
At each turn wondering how
To right a wrong

How many tears to clear the air
She has nothing more to spare
Navigating carefully through murky waters
Moving without clear direction
Or a lantern to light the dark

How many lifetimes to live again
She has borne witness so many times
Called to testify at the stand
She stands again on shifting sand
Wondering if today will be judgment day

Psyche calls out in vain
Still blinded by Aphrodite’s spell
Still playing hide and seek
Since Eros would not let her see
She risked the shadows that night
She paid the price by candlelight

And the truth did finally set her free

—Shaku Selvakumar March 2013

The Greek name for Butterfly is Psyche and it also represents the soul.
The Greek name for Butterfly is Psyche and it also represents the soul.




Everyday Truth, she stared at me
Everyday I turned away
Looking up, looking down
Looking right, looking wrong
Truth, I said please let me be
Stop pestering me
But Turth, She does not rest easily
She is relentless you see
She whispered, she shouted
She cajoled, she pouted
She followed me
Till the voices questioned my sanity
She knows when I embrace
Her fiercely, in deep surrender to her naked fire
Truth, she will
She will set me free.

—©Shaku Selvakumar, January 2011