Of Mountains and Streams

I sit here in front of mountains unmoving
Tall and imposing
Wondering how to bring that stillness inside me
Rock of ages,
Witness to every war that wages
Bearing the weight of fickle seasons
Where trees grow, shed and drop
Where rain falls, sometimes softly
Sometimes crashing, clashing
With the morphing skies above
Stubborn, holding firm to ground
Not easily undone

I see streams froth and foam at your foothills
Helpless against will or weather
So easily roused by the air of fury
Ranting, always rushing,
Surging, restless, brimming, brewing
Evaporated by heat, humbled by cold

Carrying life that must swim along
Always forward, sometimes crashing against stone
That stand up without warning like sentries
To test the resolve of the journey by water
Even as it looms, the steep waterfall
She cannot stop
Or retrace her steps

I need them both

One to ground my feet
To stay my mind
To hold my fears
To pass the strength of infinite time
To endure the fierce, the feeble
To remember the ascent is entwined
With descent

The other to manage the flow
To gather the wisdom of the many
To be fluid, to take the plunge
Embrace each change
To harness the wind
Reflect the sun
To absorb the rain
Grow the grain
To quench the thirst
Clean the scars

To take the journey

As separate strands

But forsworn to one tapestry

—Shaku Selvakumar, September 2013

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Tide of Time

12 to remember on the Gift of Time

December is here and there are flashbacks and future forwards.  My inbox is crammed with messages from every retail outlet asking me to take advantage of so many exciting offers that will expire soon.  Time is ticking.  Time is fleeting.

Oh yes, we are so busy.  My importance to myself and to others is directly proportionate to the meetings on my calendar.

Yet another year is coming to an end.  Not any year but the year of the supposed Armageddon.  There are books, movies and even folks who are getting bunkers and emergency supplies in the event the prophecy comes to bear.  Whether we believe it or not, we have to reckon with accelerating change.

Just like we live with each breath, the passing of each year is significant as it is a reminder that we have survived 365 days, scars and all.

This month of gifting. Of giving and of receiving. Of stopping to review the year that has passed.  Of making a wish for the year ahead.  Give yourself the gift of Time.

Twelve On Time

Time flies faster if you cling to it
Time accelerates if you race against it
Time ages you rapidly when all is urgent
Time haunts the self obsessed
Time expires when life is imprisoned
Time drags you down when you live in the past

Time slows down when you are present
Time is amplified when you follow your dream
Time rewinds in the midst of kindness, gratitude and love
Time is energized by the sound of laughter
Time rejuvenates in music and art
Time lives forever when you leave a legacy

~Shaku Selvakumar December 2012

The Arrow of TimePicture courtesy vladimirkush.com
The Arrow of Time
Picture courtesy vladimirkush.com