Last night the skies exploded.
The release
of long held tension
rattling every tree,
spilling dead branches and leaves.
Unhinging anything
not sturdily grown.

Through the vicious
Wailing winds
Striking lights
Ominous sounds
You stayed cowering
Hoping your man made
Shivering abode could hold its own.

dear human,
What use are your
Guns and rhetoric?
What use are your
Thrones and politics?

—Shaku Selvakumar May 2014





A Fierce Wind

Such a fierce wind sweeping my world today
Uncontrolled gusts tearing through trees
Like a manic rage that begs to be released
Breaking terracotta pots into a million pieces
Leaving the rosemary  struggling on her side
Roots exposed, naked and vulnerable
Sending everyone scurrying inside

Shaking any leaf free from its clinging branches
Sweeping anything loose that wasn’t firmly grounded
Such a tempest he stirs unprovoked
Perhaps it was the straw on the camel’s back
He will not be appeased till he finishes the rant
He will not be contained till he sounds everyone off

The air changes from essential to threatening
What was once a small difference of opinion
Escalating to a dictator’s war
And we wait behind insulated walls
Hearing his muffled voice ranting on
Cowering, partly sheltered
Hoping not to be discovered
Hoping the house that Jack built is strong enough
Waiting for the tears to pour from the sky

— Shaku Selvakumar February 2013