There is a place
Where memories stay tender
Like newly birthed leaves,
Unfurling in hope and surrender

Where the twilight Sun lingers longer
Holding heat undercover
When the world is coated in hues of
Pink, the possible and some lavender

We are brave again
Letting go of careworn maps drawn by another
Shedding outworn suffocating skin
Weeding out the hauntings of sorrow and sin

This time of dreaming,
Snapping out of slumber
Reunited with the one voice
Unscripted and unhindered

—Shaku Selvakumar, June 2014

Diary of Discoveries
Diary of Discoveries

The Clue

The wonder of any day lies in unearthing some treasure
Because you took time to follow a clue
Not all treasures are created equal
Some lead to a vocation
Some lead to an idea or a long lost friend
Some lead to the person you end up saying “I do”
Some lead to words, spoken or written that fill your heart
With the possibility of the impossible
Following the rabbit down the hole is what Alice did first
She then grew shorter, taller and later it was nearly “off with her head”

But if you hold back, if you stay still
If you refuse to stand up, to place foot one in front of the other
The act of being muted will fester inside
Like Bilbo middle aged, safe in the Shire
With constance by his side and comfort only money can buy
Who still ventured outside
Understanding that age is not relevant
For a chrysalis or a butterfly

Even if you were wrong, you still picked up a fight
Sometimes taking a left, when it doesn’t feel right
Sometimes the trip outside may need backpacks, water and a compass
Sometimes the journey is within and the excavation needs only a flashlight
When fears cast long shadows like clawing Orcs with fierce sharpened teeth
When doubts and ridicule threaten to open old wounds
When the mocking face of failure morphs with success
Each knowing that the other is just a play of light
One day a King the next day with no clothes

What else can you do but to follow the clue
With no map or a spot marked X
For the treasure that you find may not be gold coins
But richness that will save your life

— Shaku Selvakumar February 2013

Departure of the winged ship
Departure of the winged ship