This Morning

This morning after the rains visited,
Gentle Sun kissed my world,
Filtering tenderly through refrigerated air.

Cooling the green
Softening the earth
Taming the heat

Heralding the arrival of Fall
After Summer’s wilting spell
And fevered fare

Asking of me to hasten my feet
To sweep away webs I have weaved
As the light starts to lose a little of its might

And change is upon us again
Like clothes that expand
And sleeves that grow

The wheel, it turns
And turns and turns

—Shaku Selvakumar, September 2013

Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope

Days of Gold

There is an urgency with October that didn’t quite hit in September as we suddenly awaken to the year that has almost passed.  We know that days get shorter, our lists get longer and we are vaguely reminded of resolutions we made.

But October is gentle.  Her beauty lies in the color of falling leaves.  This descent, this blaze of glory, she reminds us about the importance of shedding.  Her light, the weather, the leaves and flowers making one last effort to bloom before they withdraw not to be reborn till spring.

She is like a farewell kiss tinged with regret yet tender with love.  You still have time, she says to make the most of this year.  Don’t fill up your pages with tasks that need to completed.  Fill it with dreams that you can nurture during the long slumber instead. Fill it with care for your hearth, your happiness and your health.

Let the stillness that seeps into the land seep into hearts that have been troubled by unrest, by fears, by ghosts of past and worries of the future.

I wrote this a few years ago, but revisited it again today.

To The Top
Picture courtesy Vladimir Kush

Days of Gold

Betwixt heat and cold bloom few days of
Orange and gold
Flowers invite bees gently kissed by the breeze
Squirrels scatter seeking acorns
Marshmellow cotton clouds drift softly
Across forgotten verdant lands below
People race to explore
This sliver of Fall
Before the quickening that will follow

Sepia hued October, here you are again,
It is time
While your leaves are falling
To replenish, to gather the fruits of spring
And summer in readiness
For winter’s cold slumber
When Demeter goes insane, scouring the lands
Seeking Persephone in vain
Waiting for the cycle to start again

—Shaku Selvakumar© 2009