No better time than Spring to resurrect.

Shaku Selvakumar

The idea for this post had originated on Facebook which I had likened to my virtual living room. It started simply enough. After visiting mail jail again, I had put an update out that went something like this “Don’t be an email hoarder. Junk those emails that are more than 6 months old. It aint relevant no more.” Soon my friends were commenting and I thought hey maybe there are more tips out there.

Here are Shaku’s Magnificent Seven as my limerick loving friend, Manjul puts it.

Spring cleaning tip #1
Keep what is important throw away the rest. Or the trivial will make all what is important trivial.

As I had to start clearing out emails from years past, I was horrified to find out that I was a secret email hoarder. These emails that were jamming my inbox and my outbox about things that nobody even cared about…

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SXSW was in full swing last week in Austin.  The streets soaked in the art and talent from hundreds of performers, small and big who rocked our town.
This is a tribute to all the artists who turned up.
To your courage to create.


Ask anyone
Serious about their craft
Nothing happens overnight
A price has to be paid
There is no lottery
Spiraling you to fame

Ask anyone
Who taps the muse
A fleeting touch
A spark
A forgotten note

Ask anyone
Who showed up for years
Playing till dawn
Ignoring the whispers
Questioning their talent

Ask anyone
Who worries about mediocrity
Wearing heart on sleeve
About being left to wallow
Like a weed, untended, ignored

Ask anyone
Fearing the day
That nothing will follow
A blank page
With naught to offer
Or a canvas
Of empty
Of feet that fail
Voice that falters
Hands that fumble
Memory that lapses
Leaving fragments of fear

Ask anyone
Who has had one glimpse
Of Creation
Who has experienced
Singular connection
Manna from heaven
Leaving doubt by the wayside
And logic at the wake

Ask anyone
Who knows all of the above
They will tell you
If they had to choose once more
At the road that forked
Between highway and hell
They would still choose the pain
All over again

—Shaku Selvakumar March 2013