After the storm

Greet today
Open heart
Open arms
Forget familiar aches
Leave behind remembered pain
The anger and sorrow
This life so fleeting
Can unfold unbearable beauty

Don’t birds sing louder
After the storm has passed
Don’t rainbows arch
Lighting up the sky
And tendrils shooting
Towards the light

This valor
The will
The celebration
Despite constant loss
Found in nature

Morning Blossom. Painting courtesy
Morning Blossom. Painting courtesy

©Shaku Selvakumar, June 2015



There is a place
Where memories stay tender
Like newly birthed leaves,
Unfurling in hope and surrender

Where the twilight Sun lingers longer
Holding heat undercover
When the world is coated in hues of
Pink, the possible and some lavender

We are brave again
Letting go of careworn maps drawn by another
Shedding outworn suffocating skin
Weeding out the hauntings of sorrow and sin

This time of dreaming,
Snapping out of slumber
Reunited with the one voice
Unscripted and unhindered

—Shaku Selvakumar, June 2014

Diary of Discoveries
Diary of Discoveries


Who doesn’t wish for the
Lasting sound of applause?
To start every morning
Go through the night
Find it’s way through Slumberland
Where fears lie waiting
Greedy and grasping

To be comforted, like
A soothing lullaby with the
Steady sound of constant praise
That hacks away
At the insidious
Worries of a painful
Fall from grace

Drowning every thought
Of possible mediocrity
Countering each new
Argument steeped
In vulnerability
Finding no reprieve in the
Constant and ordinary

Like an addict
Craving for another hit
Stronger, more lasting
Than the one before
Each performance
Scales the one before
Leaving traces of blood on the floor

—Shaku Selvakumar February, 2014

Three Graces Painting courtesy
Three Graces
Painting courtesy


Eighteen years
Swiftly have they fled
I want to hold you tighter.
Stay. I want to say.
So much I wish to tell you.
I thought I had more time.
Listen. I was once
Where you stand today.

This love that flows
Through mothers and daughters
Like a river unending
Carrying ancient memories
Scrapped knees and tears
Of courage that sears
Of lessons unspoken
And strength emerging

A little of us, a lot of you
Eye to eye
Heart to familiar heart
As I wish for a world
That welcomes your presence
As you walk tall
As you pursue your ideals

To dare and to do
With kindness and compassion
With foresight to envision
Hindsight to learn
Patience to wait
Through the seasons
As they turn

Clarity that illuminates
A discerning mind
Faith that protects
When the spirit is low
Wisdom to navigate
Paths unknown

Happy birthday,
Gentle child of mine.

—Shaku Selvakumar, February 11, 2014