We find different ways
To belong to the world.

Planting a seed
Or singing your song
Celebrating with dance
Finding a cure
Supporting a cause
Writing a book
Inventing a game
Fixing a meal
Sewing a dress
Running a mile
Painting a picture
Building an app
Through a lens
In the air, in water
Trekking across the land
Raising a child
Teaching a skill
Healing another

How does it matter
The size of the crowd
One to many
One to one
Or one to self

As long as there
Is flight
As long as the
Heart swells.

—Shaku Selvakumar July 2014

Icarus Picture courtesy
Picture courtesy

On the house of belonging

To long is core to the house of belonging. The ability to look at our current residence in our world, understand our relation to it and our yearning that takes us on the journey of self discovery, of frustration, of pathos leading finally to recognition and acceptance.

Picture courtesy Trey Ratcliff
There will be houses that we live in built by others and meant for others. And there is your own house of belonging which will ultimately become your true home because all the curtains are drawn where the windows and doors are open.
The House of Belonging
She walked into the House of Belonging
Oblivious of any wrongdoing
Stepping into cluttered rooms
Hearing echos from childhood wombs

Memories from teenage years
Brave planets orbited without fear
So comfortable she was not shedding her skin
Hugging it tightly she sat within

For in seeking you surely will find
Not always what you had in mind
She searched today in the House of Love
The furniture was swept away

She sat in the dark in the House of Faith
With nothing at hand but the hope of grace
She picked up bricks in the House of Trust
For a strong foundation instead of fear

She made friends in the House of Gray
Every strand had something to say
For the journey inside crosses terrain unknown
A forked path, a blossoming tree

She waits to see
She stays to see

—Shaku Selvakumar¬© 2009