The Bay

As you ebb and flow, my love
Bringing memories to the shore
Sometimes taking what was not yours
Of lost and found and yin and yang
I see specks of the fishermen’s catamaran
On your horizon at breaking dawn
Praying to your God for the catch of the day
So families don’t go hungry today
When you rage we cower in fright
Against your undulating eternal might
As I sit here by your side
I hope the Blue Lord is still on his throne
With Prosperity sitting at his feet
And the White Horse stays tethered
In my dream

La Luna

I saw the moon in full splendor last night.
She rose in quiet certainty, aware of her magnificent beauty.
As moody as she is, she makes no excuses.
Sometimes she stays, sometimes she hides.
Sometimes she is magical, sometimes delusional.
I saw the moon last night, calling me to forgotten places.

Twelve On Time

Time flies faster if you cling to it
Time accelerates if you race against it
Time ages you rapidly when all is urgent
Time haunts the self obsessed
Time expires when life is imprisoned
Time drags you down when you live in the past

Time slows down when you are present
Time is amplified when you follow your dream
Time rewinds in the midst of kindness, gratitude and love
Time is energized by the sound of laughter
Time rejuvenates in music and art
Time lives forever when you leave a legacy


Drawing its last breath
The year was spent, teetering to its wintry descent
A ticker tape of headlines rushed past
Of disasters, milestones, pathos, celebration and feet of clay
Furious recollections of who finished first
Was it good for you, they asked
Did the sisters Fate have anything to say
Which seat at the table stays vacant today
Did the winds of change sweep you away
Leaving debris and packaging tape
So before we start all over again
May the Star light your path
And leave behind a glimmer of hope
To dampen the prophecy
Of the reckless cherub being birthed


Don’t hoard ideas. Else they die.
Share them. Give them the spotlight.
Some will take flight. Some will not
Some will give credit. Many will not
How does it matter. Where soil is fertile.
Flowers bloom in abundance.


And so it was today
With skies so grey
Blurring the blue
Water fell down drowning the light
The earth said nothing
Nothing at all
Like she endured the heat before
She welcomed the cold again
To her animals she whispered
Find shelter, try to last the night
To her birds she said
Your nest may not win the fight
To her trees, she advised
It’s time to hold on and stand your ground
To her flowers she murmured
Bloom, send out shoots if you must
Though you may die, you will live again
But to the deaf human
She had nothing to say


Clouds pass by, gathering
Scattering, rehearsing, rehashing
Carrying rain like sorrow withheld
Growing heavy, darkening overhead
Before armies meet on the battlefield
Long is the night of restless dreams
Kingdoms won, treaties signed
Promises lost, people in haste
Clouds drift by, dimming the sun
Pretending to stay but moving again
Soft shape shifters, Heaven’s wanderers
Where do you go, who do you love?

Red bud

On the barest branches of the red bud tree,
Stripped dry by winter’s harsh breath
Before the advent of tender green shoots,
Little pink buds courageously appeared
Declaring the rebirth of life
The bee, butterfly, bird and beast found
Their song again.


I was always afraid of the dark
Until one midnight alone I sat
Under the canopy of the silent sky
In the company of the winking stars
And the wind, he whispered in my ear
Secrets only I could hear
Stay still and feel, let go and let be
You are part of me even as you breathe


Do not knock repeatedly on closed doors
What is meant to stay shut should not be pried open
Remember words get redundant
If spoken too often like pollen in the wind
Know that despite all our best intentions
Plans can be disrupted if the ground is not broken
Understand that no matter the insurance
Escape clauses can be added when nobody’s looking
Be aware that while we fly in a flock
None can help when our wings are broken
But assistance often arrives
From wandering nomads channeling grace


A little rain You sent our way
Turning parchment yellow into hopeful green
Instantly softening hardened bitter ground
And unloved buds began to bloom

The Crescent

She rose again
Face half veiled, a smile so bright
A perfect crescent against a starry sky
Mysterious, secretive and full of light
Even the wind stayed still
The clouds parted
The trees were quiet
Tranquil darkness she claims tonight


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