The act of standing

On shifting ground

Takes two legs planted
Slightly defiantly
Slightly humble
Arms relaxed
Stomach held in
Chest held out
Shoulders squared
Chin up
Eyes bright
Forehead clean
Breath even


Stand tall
In your wisdom

Stand up
For yourself
For others

For the young
For the mute
For the small
For the old
For the weak


~Shaku Selvakumar, July 2016


Spring Delights
Spring Delight. Picture courtesy




Love talk Vladimir Kush
Art from


I walked into the fire
Before I was born again
The heat was searing
But the heart knew no pain

I knew I would return
To finish what I started
And seek you out
Worship you in turn
To be seen through mine eyes

Turning anger to love
Chaos contained
Fury tamed
Balance regained

Shiva and Shakti
Wisdom and Strength
Osiris and Isis
Birth and Rebirth

That destiny
Is a thought
A primeval energy
A dream
A priority

I am devotion
Your salvation

I am Parvati,
The Daughter Of the Mountain King

—Shaku Selvakumar© 2009





We find different ways
To belong to the world.

Planting a seed
Or singing your song
Celebrating with dance
Finding a cure
Supporting a cause
Writing a book
Inventing a game
Fixing a meal
Sewing a dress
Running a mile
Painting a picture
Building an app
Through a lens
In the air, in water
Trekking across the land
Raising a child
Teaching a skill
Healing another

How does it matter
The size of the crowd
One to many
One to one
Or one to self

As long as there
Is flight
As long as the
Heart swells.

—Shaku Selvakumar July 2014

Icarus Picture courtesy
Picture courtesy