Human Contract

Those who know you
Those who hold you
Those who will have the real conversation with you

They do not need to follow your feed
To understand your hour of need

We ebb
We flow
We crash
We grow

We live

And sigh
And fly
We love
and leave


Stay still

And still


Set free

come home

Come home
To you
To me.


Flown with the wind vladimir kush
Picture courtesy Vladimir Kush Art



Hearts for Future Generations
Hearts for Future Generations

Where would your heart end and mine begin?

Is it in the valley of long lost friends
Or at the peak of treasured moments

How does the thought of loss figure in?

When each day grinds into the next
Shredding the minutes into an inevitable past

When I look up and say “remember when”
And you look at me, eyes far away, slightly damp

Thinking of the day before yesterday
A younger time

When you wore courage like a worthy cape
And I held hope like an impenetrable shield

When our worlds first collided
When we believed that heaven could be summoned
And time could be held forever in a bottle

With three little words.

–Shaku Selvakumar Feb 2016

Grand Parents

Elders who have left
I find
Fragments of your words
Drifting across like clouds
Edges and pauses.
Faint wisps of shared laughter
If I could, I would recall you
To visit with me for a single day.
To hear your voice
Through your indulgent heart
To walk by your side
Your gait stilted and slow
Your eyes though dimmed
Your lens enriched by
the memories of time
Slow down, you would say
but I was forever running away.
And as I grow older
I miss you more
Somedays with a fierce longing
Mourning your absence
For answers to myself
As I find traces of my
And your presence in my self.

–Shaku Selvakumar Sept 13
Celebrating grandparents everywhere, present, absent yet present…and why you are so grand!