Buzzing in my head

It is my wall. Where others have pictures, I have words. Many words. These are some of my more popular Facebook updates.

        • People who play games will continue to play them…it is another form of addiction. They crave the drama of misunderstanding and want a reason to validate that the world is one big conspiracy theory.
          You just have to tell them “Sorry vampires, go feed on another neck.”
        • Embedded in the arrogance that we cannot learn from others, lies the insecurity of the emperor with no clothes
        • Forget the sisters of regret…shoulda, coulda, woulda and their brother “if only”
        • Within each seed lies a journey to be birthed. And to each a journey as unique as a fingerprint
        • It is important to be silly, to be serious, to be strong, to be frail, to be yourself. What is life if we only shared a mask
        • Maturity has nothing to do with age.  Dourness has nothing to do with wisdom.
        • Nostalgia is a mind altering drug where you live your present in the past.
        • If you don’t define your boundaries, prepare for the breach.
        • Never bank on forever. That’s when we start borrowing against the future.
        • Words, words, words. Falling everywhere. Floating, sparkling, tripping over. Rushing by. Forming, unforming. Needing to be said. Wanting to be read.
        • Respect is different from respectability. I believe in the former and stay away from the judgement of the latter.
        • My two cents: Twitter is a bar, Facebook is your living room and LinkedIn the corporate networking happy hour. As long as the distinctions are clear, you can work it anyway you want it.
        • Whatever you hold on to tightly will find a way to elude your grasp.
        • How far we can fly can only be determined in the sky not on the ground.
        • If not now, when? If not you, then who? It’s not later. It’s not them.
        • Try standing up for what you believe everyday. It will do wonders for your posture and you will stop using others to boost your ego.
        • You have to finish what you start or you will have a series of unfinished sentences, unwritten books, unclaimed emotions, unused gifts and untethered dreams.
        • The stairs that go up also go down. If you keep the weight off that ego, it really will not matter which direction you go.
        • Emptiness cannot be filled by busyness
        • If you wait till you are good enough, it may be too late.
          You have to ask, good enough for whom?
          So the voices that clamor and harangue you can finally be silenced.
          What you have to offer cannot be diminished by anyone but yourself.
        • Sometimes all the noise in the world is not enough to deafen the little voice in the heart.
        • November ended with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Debt Wednesday.
        • It’s funny how often we take for granted the ones who support us and spend time trying to recruit the ones who don’t.
        • Every good book that has wandered into my life has opened a window that has led to a door.
          Sometimes a revelation. Sometimes an affirmation. Sometimes a consolation.
          Always a conversation.
        • I looked at the ladder and didn’t want to climb it.
          I continued to build bridges instead.
        • More people are moved by the conviction in your voice than the content in your presentation. If you don’t believe no one else will.
        • It matters not the title on your card, the size of your wallet or the number of your followers. Enter each conversation with the same sincerity.

2 thoughts on “Buzzing in my head

  1. Nice Quotes. “Never bank on forever. That’s when we start borrowing against the future.” one sounds interesting. Was the Insight more about Professional life or Personal?.

    1. Thank you!
      Banking on forever is both professional and personal because time is limited and we constantly defer our dreams to tomorrow.

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